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YouTube SEO & Advertising For Your Business

YouTube is becoming the go-to platform for your customers. So, video marketing is not just an option, it’s a necessity. To remain competitive, having a healthy YouTube SEO and advertising plan is essential.

At Climb Marketing, our focus is not only traditional SEO. We also offer YouTube SEO and advertising services because we understand the importance of video marketing to reach your audience. We ensure that the work you put into creating YouTube videos shows. It’s the worst feeling when you put time and effort into creating content, but your potential customers can’t find it. With our YouTube SEO efforts, you can avoid creating undiscovered content and start attracting an audience.

We Optimize Your YouTube Videos For Higher Rankings

Our YouTube SEO services include optimizing all aspects of your YouTube videos from titles and descriptions, to tags and categories. Our YouTube optimizations lead to higher organic rankings on YouTube, giving you more search visibility. When users can find your videos in a sea of competition, they turn into lifelong customers through engaging brand content. We understand the hard work it takes to make quality, authoritative YouTube videos so we ensure your potential customers can find your videos through our YouTube SEO services.

SEO Agency

SEO Agency

Communicate with Your Audience Through YouTube Ads

YouTube is quickly becoming the go to search engine for your audience. From Tutorials to Vlogs, users are going straight to YouTube for their information. In the age of video marketing, it’s important to take advantage of this new vertical. Our YouTube advertising services puts your video ads in front of a highly-targeted, engaged audience through expert YouTube campaign execution.

Our firm has years of experience helping clients determine where they are in the hierarchy of search. Once you know where you stand, we can help you find the best strategy to climb to new heights–where people naturally look to you for answers and solutions.

A great YouTube SEO plan starts with keyword research. We thoroughly study what your customers are searching on YouTube and ensure your videos have all of those juicy keywords. Our keyword research isn’t only helpful for live videos. It can also inform content for creating new YouTube videos, so your marketing team has a goal for YouTube video creation.
We write clear, interesting content so users want to click through to your video. We optimize every part of your YouTube videos to get the most out of your YouTube real estate. All of this work is useless without accurate data! We provide accurate, actionable reports so you can continue making great YouTube videos with actionable insights. These optimizations influence your videos’ appearance in YouTube search results and recommendations.
  • A YouTube marketing program with clarity, focus, and traction
  • A YouTube SEO program with engaging content that aligns with what your audience is looking for
  • Our keyword research isn’t only helpful for live videos. It can also inform content for creating new YouTube videos, so your marketing team has a goal for YouTube video creation.
  • An extended team of digital marketing experts to guide and support you in creating, optimizing and promoting your YouTube content
  • Expert execution and measurement of your YouTube marketing campaigns
  • Sustainable growth in organic traffic to your YouTube videos through optimized descriptions and titles
  • Overall confidence in your YouTube channel

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