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Climb Marketing/Who We Are (Core Values)

No One Reaches the Summit Alone

It’s a long trek, and the truth is this: Even when the selfie shows the proud, exhausted climber standing solo at the peak—none of us makes it to the summit alone. At Climb Marketing, we put together a capable and dedicated team to support you for each expedition. Even if the faces change, the core values stay the same.

Our Core Values

  • Intrinsic Motivation—We are driven by the satisfaction of doing things right and constantly improving
  • Forward Thinking—We keep our eyes on the horizon, are always learning, and don’t shy away from calculated risks
  • Transparency—We make clarity and honesty a top priority
  • Accountability—We can back every decision with data and don’t walk away from a situation until it’s resolved
  • Balance—We strive for a fair balance between the diverse needs of our clients, our colleagues, our company, and ourselves
Climb Marketing Who We Are

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“Climb Marketing is our trusted partner for all of our paid search and remarketing campaigns. In our first year working with them, we’ve seen extraordinary results. Jeremy and his team are thoughtful and strategic in their advice about how to grow our business using search engine advertising. We love working with them!”

Amanda Ross - Manager, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation, MI Bioresearch

Climb Marketing Who We Are

Values in Action

We rely on a proven process for finding digital marketing opportunities and putting them to good use for our clients. While this process makes good business sense—and gets results—it’s just as much an outgrowth of our core values:

Every engagement begins with our team taking the lay of the land, getting their heads around both your sector and your business. Our team isn’t driven by annual bonuses, but by their Intrinsic Motivation to do good work for the pleasure of doing good work. We obsess about all the ways we can measure our work and understand our own progress toward mastery of our craft. A commitment to Forward Thinking is a natural consequence: We embrace an experimental attitude, always looking for novel ways to give you an edge, and a deeper understanding of the larger trends in the evolution of search algorithms and advertising platforms.

Once we’ve crafted a digital marketing strategy, we prepare a step-by-step plan that Transparently translates that strategy into a usable reality for our clients and their internal teams. We work with them cooperatively to put that plan into action, efficiently and effectively applying their resources.  We can defend every dollar a client is asked to spend. Every plan includes a clear framework for Accountability. We only use real metrics—ones that give us a meaningful, actionable idea of how we are progressing toward the client’s goals, so we can do more of what works.

Every client’s and team member’s experiences are unique and valuable. We work to integrate all of those perspectives and insights with curiosity, openness, mindfulness, and compassion. Part of our commitment to elevating our clients, colleagues, and communities is in bringing them the strength and wisdom that comes from hearing diverse voices.

In all we do, we forever strive for a fair Balance between the diverse needs of our clients, our colleagues, our company, our communities, and ourselves.


Climb Marketing Who We Are

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Jeremy went from e-commerce entrepreneur to leading a successful digital marketing agency. Along the way, he’s developed the skills, practices and team to take your business up the mountain.

“In a field like digital marketing that’s always evolving, I have every faith we’re in good hands working with the Climb Marketing team. Everyone is earnestly working on growing our business, always on the lookout for new opportunities to optimize and/or broaden our reach. I also appreciate their candor–there’s never a question you’re getting the straight story. You can trust this team to take care of you and do great work!”

Catherine Juon - Former Director of Marketing, Traction Tools