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Climb Marketing/URL Cleanup Tool

Below you can find our free URL editor. This tool will help you clean up a list of URLs in a variety of different ways. Maybe you copied and pasted a list of URLs from a Word doc or a website and there’s weird spacing? No problem. Or you have a huge list of long URLs and want to just see the top-level domains? It can do that too. Full instructions located further down the page if necessary.

Data Cleanup

I’ve input full URLs (starting with HTTP/HTTPS://) and I want to….

Deduplication and Sorting

Prepend & Append

Find and Replace

Find: Replace with:

Documentation & Walkthrough

The number of options the editor provides can seem overwhelming at first, so here’s a bit of information about its functionality:

Data Cleanup

These editing functions are generally used first in order to clean up your list of URLs. If you copied and pasted from somewhere else, and the formatting is weird, this is probably the right place to start.

  • Zap leading/trailing white space: This will remove things like spaces, tabs/indentation, etc from the beginning or end of each URL in your list.
  • Zap double spacing: If for some reason your URL list is double spaced, you can click this to remove that. If it’s triple spaced or more, hit the button multiple times!
  • Enforce lower case: Maybe you were provided with a list of URLs that contains capital letters, but your website’s URL structure requires lower case URLs (a general best practice for SEO). You can use this to convert the entire list to lower case.
  • Enforce upper case: This is rarely used, but in case you need it, you can convert all URLs to upper case here.

I’ve input full URLs (starting with HTTP/HTTPS://) and I want to….

This is the core of the URL editor and contains the most commonly used functions. Here’s a summary of each possible action:

  • Extract domains (including subdomains): If you enter a list of full URLs (meaning that they include HTTP/HTTPS, etc), this button will extract just the domain name (including subdomain). So if you entered, it would return just “”
  • Extract top-level domains: The same as above, but it will only output the top-level domain (i.e., in the example).
  • Extract paths: This extracts the path of the URL, also known as the URL “slug,” which is essentially whatever comes after the domain name. In the example we’ve been using, this would just be “/test-url”.
  • Convert all to HTTP/HTTPS: If you’ve been given a list of URLs in one protocol (i.e. HTTP) but your website uses another (i.e. HTTPS, the more secure version of HTTP), you can use these buttons to toggle between them or even just make them uniform.
  • Enforce a/no trailing slash: It’s important that website URLs are uniform. If your website’s URLs can exist both with and without a trailing slash (the “/” at the end of a URL), that can be confusing both to users and to Google. Use these buttons to make sure that all URLs (or none of them) include a trailing slash.

Deduplication and Sorting

As simple as it gets! Sometimes you want to organize the list a bit before you save it, so these functions will help you with that.

  • Deduplicate my list: This will deduplicate any content you put into the window, even if it’s not a list of URLs. This functionality is optimized to work super fast even on large data sets, so if Excel is struggling, don’t hesitate to try this tool for deduplicating any list whatsoever.
  • Sort my list (A-Z): Simply alphabetizes the list.

Prepend and Append

These two functions allow you to prepend (place before) or append (place after) any bit of text to each line that you’ve entered into the URL editor.

Find and Replace

These work the same as the find-and-replace functions in other content editors. You can choose between case-sensitive (meaning capitalization matters) or insensitive (meaning it doesn’t!).

Hopefully this information was useful in exploring the functionality of the editor tool. We’re open to suggestions or requests for new functions to code into the next version of the editor, so let us know if you have something in mind!