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The Brains Behind Climb Marketing

At Climb Marketing, we’ve put together a team of capable, dedicated and passionate digital marketing professionals. You can learn more about the members of our team below.

Jeremy Lopatin - President and Founder

Jeremy got his start in digital marketing as an entrepreneur, building an online retail business from the ground up with his wife Aubrey. He quickly discovered that using digital marketing to grow that business, rather than running the business itself, was his true passion. Between his roles as an in-house marketer, freelancer, and agency marketer, Jeremy has spent more than 15 years in the digital marketing field. Climb Marketing was founded through that experience, and he’s cultivated a team that shares his passion for digital marketing problem-solving and strategy.

Jeremy Lopatin - Founder and President of Climb Marketing
Robbie Bolog - Director of Client Services at Climb Marketing

Robbie Bolog - Vice President of Client Services

Robbie is deeply invested in seeing just how far a group of people can take a project when they commit themselves to each other and a common goal. As VP of Client Services, Robbie manages service delivery and oversees Climb’s team of digital marketing strategists and project managers. In addition to overseeing Climb’s team, Robbie is the guitarist for Captain Ivory. Since founding the band in 2013, he’s booked and played more than 500 shows across 10 different countries, and helped write and record three albums.

Taylor Caldron - Director of Organic Search

Taylor has made his career digging deeper to understand what draws people to a website, experience, or place. He loves taking a data-driven approach to developing strategies for organic visibility and prides himself on being the resident nerd. In 2015, he started an independent record label and event series for “artsy” electronic music. In the past several years his label has released work by both American and European artists, and organized label showcase events in Detroit and Berlin.

Taylor Caldron - Director of Organic Sear
Kristin Coleman - Project Manager at Climb Marketing

Kristin Coleman - Project Manager

Kristin is the glue that keeps Climb Marketing together and helps to ensure that deliverables are on time and exceed client expectations. She thrives on planning and organization, has a keen eye for the finer details, and her proactive mindset is contagious to the rest of the team. Outside of managing projects at Climb, Kristin also manages quadruplet boys at home – a testament to her abilities to multitask, plan for the unexpected, and keep her cool even in the most chaotic moments.

Riley Duncan - Digital Advertising Strategist

Riley likes delving into the nuances of clients’ businesses to understand their target customers’ demographics and psychographics in order to build and deliver on successful advertising campaigns. He also has an eye for detail with conversion rate optimization and a strong technical understanding of website analytics, helping him to implement comprehensive measurement plans for clients. Outside of Climb, Riley works on gamedays with the Tennessee Titans as a content producer, where he keeps up with the sprint-like pace of sports social media marketing.

Riley Duncan - Digital Advertising Strategist at Climb Marketing
Celeste Huffman - Digital Marketing Strategist

Celeste Huffman - Digital Marketing Strategist

Celeste channels her combined passion for client management and SEO into the digital marketing strategist role. She excels at helping clients maintain strategic awareness of the digital “big picture” while nurturing individual marketing and advertising channels, and takes pride in her ability to clearly communicate and execute strategies with the team and clients. A planner at heart, when not planning strategy with Climb, she is plotting her next travel adventure or spending time in the great outdoors.

David Oltean - SEO Strategist

David is passionate about the marriage of creativity and data analysis that drives SEO strategy, because he’s seen the continual and compounding benefit it can bring organizations. With a background in copywriting, he also enjoys formulating content strategies and devising content architectures for websites. Outside of his work at Climb, David spends his time playing guitar, being disappointed by Detroit sports teams, and meowing back at his cats.

David Oltean - SEO Strategist at Climb Marketing

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