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Social Media Advertising Services

A good social media advertising agency helps you connect with customers before they’ve even consciously expressed their pain, problem, or desire. With PPC (pay-per-click) advertising you target ads by the words a client uses to frame their question. With social media advertising, you target ads by who that client is as a person.

Getting Real Results from Social Media Advertising

It’s one thing to be able to place an ad in front of an audience that’s already looking for an industrial fluid reclamation system. It’s quite another to be able to reach out to cost-conscious Tier 1 component suppliers directly—before it’s even dawned on them that they could google “industrial fluid reclamation”—and offer a solution that will save them a bundle.

Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn offer businesses a truly unique opportunity to discover and connect with new clients. But social networks have changed drastically in the past several years. Today, as is the case with other digital advertising channels, it’s become treacherously easy to spend a lot of money on LinkedIn and Facebook ads, yet see next to no results.

Social Media Advertising Services

Social Media Advertising Services

Social Media Advertising Services

A Strategic Social Media Agency Understands More than Just Social Media Advertising

At one time a company could set up a page on a social media platform, attract like-minded followers, and have a very direct connection to their audience. Today you need to run a paid social media advertising campaign, even if all you want is to reliably connect with your own followers. As these platforms’ rules, services, and algorithms evolve, it can prove very challenging to make your dollars count.

That’s a bitter pill to swallow, especially for companies who built a social media presence when these platforms were in their infancy. But as social media has matured, it has become an incredibly powerful tool for reaching new people—and, when wielded properly, an excellent value for your marketing budget.

Getting Their Attention Early

A well-designed social media advertising campaign let’s you target ads based on the user’s self-selected, voluntarily disclosed identity—where they live, where they work, what they enjoy, their job title, their passions, and much more. You can approach people who are like your customers before they’ve even begun to consciously formulate their desire.

You won’t just have the opportunity to argue that your solution is the best solution; with social media advertising you are able to help mold your potential client’s entire understanding of what a solution might look like. Climb Marketing social media advertising services allow you to get in front of a potential audience based on anticipated needs that they have yet to fully express. You get the highly efficient targeting that comes with SEO and PPC, but in contrast to those channels—which require a potential customer to already be actively searching for a solution—social media ads let you introduce individuals to your marketing funnel at an extremely early stage.

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Social Media Advertising Services

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