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Search Engine Optimization Training

We obviously believe that online visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) are vital to modern business. But for some businesses, SEO plays a core strategic role. If you have an internal team dedicated to content, we can help them become the expert team of climbers you need to master your fate out in the wilds of organic search.

Completely Custom SEO Training and SEO Coaching

Climb’s custom search engine optimization training and coaching programs are built around your needs, goals, and budget. We offer both “one-shot” SEO training programs and ongoing SEO coaching engagements.

Our SEO Training programs are never generic PowerPoint seminars. We develop custom curriculum for every engagement, focused on the unique needs and challenges your team and business face. Trainings are scaled to your organization, on-site or remote, and include takeaway “guidance documents” for your team. These can serve as templates as your team goes on to set your future SEO growth maps, as well as guides for them to fall back on when the going gets tough.

Content Marketing Agency

Content Marketing Agency

Content Marketing Agency

Enhance your SEO Team

A Climb SEO Coaching engagement is like having a personal trainer for your SEO team. These are generally built around hour-long monthly or bi-weekly sessions. We come in (or call in) and “look over the shoulder” as your team works, giving tips on how to optimize, how to interpret data, how to manage technical elements of their platform, fielding questions, and more. When they have specific problems, we zero in on those. More importantly, we catch the subtle ways that bad form today might cost you tomorrow, and nip those bad habits in the bud.

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