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Retargeting Services—Tell Your Evolving Story Across the Web

Traditional marketing is fairly static: You see the same billboards on your daily commute, day after day—and quickly grow blind to it. Most digital marketing suffers from this as well. Banner ad click-thru rates have fallen below 0.1%—and their conversion rates are heartbreaking. Even the more effective modern ad platforms—such as Google Adwords and Facebook Exchange—have their limitations. You can very specifically target potential customers, but the message itself cannot evolve.

With ad retargeting services, you don’t just get in front of the most relevant audience for your offerings. You get to “retouch” the same potential client over and over again—evolving your message as you go.

The Conventional Wisdom of Retargeting

The conventional wisdom holds that someone needs to make seven contacts with your company or brand before it begins to stick in their heads (the so-called “Rule of Seven”). This conventional wisdom is disputed: it’s likely more of a range of five to 12. Some old-line B2B businesses insist it takes no less than seven, and usually closer to 13 touches to convert a visitor to a customer.

But no one disputes that it takes more exposure, more consistency, and more energy to stand out from the crowd in the modern digital marketplace of competing ideas. As a retargeting company, Climb offers efficiency and depth, giving you the opportunity to tell each customer your evolving story across the web.

Content Marketing Agency

Content Marketing Agency

Content Marketing Agency

A Company that Can Guide You Past the Pitfalls of Ad Retargeting

Retargeting ads (also called “remarketing”) can be incredibly powerful. Once a visitor shows initially interest in your company, you can “follow” them as they move between web sites, platforms, and services. At each step you can tailor and develop your message and offers.You naturally talk to someone very differently when you know they are already familiar with your business. Retargeting campaigns allow you to take this natural tendency digital.

But with this power comes greater risk. The worst you can do with a traditional PPC text ad is annoy people—“Ugh! Why am I always getting ads for organic dog shampoo!” But a poorly structured retargeting campaign runs the risk of crossing the line from “annoying” to “creepy.” A good retargeting company will build you a smart retargeting campaign, one that breeds familiarity, not contempt—and will do so with incredible efficiency, maximizing the bang for your buck.

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Traction Tools Case Study – RLSA Boosts Conv. Rate

Case Study Results Graph


  • Paid Search campaigns near maturation left fewer optimization opportunities for big gains
  • Niche target market difficult to target and intercept
  • Long sales process: The journey from initial exposure to trialing the software often takes longer than 30 days


  • Utilize remarketing audiences as a means of following up with previous website visitors
  • Bid more aggressively on remarketing search traffic with the assumption they are closer to converting


  • 4x increase in conversion rate over nine weeks
  • 74% reduction in cost per conversion
Case Study Results Graph Case Study Results Graph

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