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Climb Marketing/Results/SEO Strategy & Management Case Study

The challenge: a successful website launch

When John Holowaty stepped in as Trucent’s Marketing Director, he had one goal in mind: successfully launch the company’s new brand, complete with a new, search-engine-optimized website.

Trucent’s business model is a complicated one, providing fluid separation technologies, services, and systems to a diverse set of industries, from biofuel production to craft brewing.

John knew creating a website that would capture the attention of all of Trucent’s customers would be a challenge. He knew he couldn’t do it alone.

“First, we needed to get the brand out there, so that when people looked up Trucent, they didn’t think we were a fake company,” says John. “Then we wanted to get our name in people’s heads, so when they think of centrifuge or filtration, they think of Trucent.”

The website needed to not just get attention—it needed to bring in qualified customers for Trucent’s sales team to close, and to cement the brand’s repositioning in its target industries.

The solution: bringing in Climb for SEO strategy and management

John had worked with marketing agencies before that had missed the mark on SEO strategy. In his first meeting with Climb’s co-founder Jeremy Lopatin on this new project, he knew he’d found a partner he could trust.

“I could feel that Jeremy and his team not only had the technical knowledge and wherewithal or capability to help us grow from a digital standpoint, but they also had a genuine, deep care for Trucent’s success. Whether we worked with him or not, I could feel like he’d be willing to pick up four years down the road and say, ‘Alright, where are we at? Let’s keep it going,’” says John.

The project kicked off and the Climb team got to work. Climb’s SEO team:

  • Analyzed the search landscape of Trucent’s competitors and target customers
  • Created a plan to diversify Trucent’s keyword targeting strategy
  • Identified a comprehensive list of hundreds of conversion-oriented search queries to target
  • Developed an expanded sitemap around three core target audiences, with new, customized product, service, and solution content

Along the way, John was able to get help from Climb’s expert team in building out his own marketing toolkit. “It made me feel like I had a support system and a true team around me,” he says. “I’ve learned so much from Climb, and I value that like crazy. Just about everything I know about SEO, I’ve learned from them.”

The results: sustainable growth in traffic and leads

Case Study Results Graph
A year after the website’s launch, Trucent has blown their goals out of the water, particularly when it comes to marketing-driven sales. “We’re 90% of the way to our marketing-driven revenue goal for the year, and it’s only June,” he says. “Working with Climb has really produced revenue, and helped me illustrate to the team internally that investing in digital marketing is worth it.”

Though the sales numbers are impressive, John says he’s most excited about the 2x jump in organic traffic: “That lasts. You’re doing hard, hard work on the frontend so that not only Google picks it up, but also the customers we’re trying to reach, and it really lasts and blossoms.”

John is working with Climb on PPC ads, too, and has already found success. In the craft brewing niche, John was excited to see industry giant Yuengling come in as a Trucent customer thanks to Climb’s Google ads.

“I keep working with Climb because of my great experience with them, but also because I know they’re always evolving and growing in a good direction,” says John. “For example, I’ve studied and admired B-corporations for years, and the fact that Climb is willing to and aspiring to hold themselves to that standard? That’s one of the reasons I’d want to work with them again and again.”

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