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Climb Marketing/Results/SEO & Content Strategy Case Study

Royal Oak Recycling SEO Case Study

Royal Oak Recycling provides end-to-end recycling solutions across the midwest. Although their business had grown steadily over the years, their digital presence was largely unattended. With a website dating back nearly 15 years and built almost entirely with javascript, Royal Oak Recycling was nearly invisible to search engines.

Our Approach

Climb Marketing partnered with FWD to establish an updated digital strategy for Royal Oak Recycling. The project entailed the development of an in-depth SEO strategy, a new approach to driving conversions, and extensive content creation. These all were incorporated into a new website design developed by FWD.

Real Results

Case Study Results Graph
Upon launching the new website, Royal Oak Recycling saw an almost immediate up-tick in service inquiries, which they estimated were almost triple their previous volume. Additionally, the new website’s SEO strategy and associated content drove prominent organic visibility across a wide assortment of service, equipment, and materials queries central to their business. What’s more, the SEO strategy as weathered several major updates to Google’s algorithm very favorably – a testament to the strength of the SEO strategy and overall quality of the website.

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Harmony Faust - VP of Marketing & Communications, Gale, a Cengage Company

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