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Climb Marketing/Results/Landing Page Testing Case Study

Valicor Case Study: Landing Page Testing

Trucent (formerly Valicor) provides industrial fluid separation and reclamation services. This includes oils, coolants, cleaners and wastewater used during manufacturing. Climb was engaged to provide paid search advertising management for Trucent and drive qualified leads through the website. The existing pages on the Trucent website lacked specificity for particular types of fluid separations, as well as strong calls to action leading potential customers to contact the company. As a result, the Google Ads campaign suffered from poor quality scores and a low conversion rate.

Our Approach

Climb identified high priority keywords within the paid search account and began building custom landing pages designed to specifically address these keywords and drive traffic toward various conversion points. These pages were rolled out iteratively over the course of our engagement. Various page elements were testing along the way until a fully optimized landing page template was realized.

Real Results

Case Study Results Graph
Conversion rates improved immediately following the launch of the first custom landing page and continued to rise steadily as additional pages were created for each keyword target. Conversion rate averaged 2.8% at the start of the test and nearly doubled at their highest point seven months later with an average of 4.7%. Keyword quality scores also began to improve, leading to decreases in cost per click. The cheaper, higher-converting traffic lead to a 36% decline in cost per conversion over the course of the testing.

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“I’ve worked with Jeremy and the Climb Marketing team for over eight years, and can say, without a doubt, that their SEO services are the best around. Their optimization (and eventual redesign) of our website has helped us capture a commanding presence in search engines, fueling our North American growth. And on top of that, they’re a true pleasure to work with – what more could you want in a partner?”

Barbra Wells - CEO, Priorclave North America

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