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Climb Marketing/Results/International SEO Strategy & Management Case Study

The challenge: Search engine visibility to support a multinational company

When Barbra Wells became the CEO of Priorclave North America, she knew a functioning website would be a key part of her achieving her goals of expanding the sales of Priorclave Limited, PNA’s parent company based in London, into a new market.

To sell, distribute, install, and service the company’s autoclaves (machines used for sterilization in laboratory, medical and industrial processes) throughout North America and the Caribbean, she wanted a website that performed.

“Our sales team is the internet,” says Barbra. But Barbra also knew that the UK sales team would benefit from a well-designed and -optimized website.

“My goal was to expand our brand presence in North America through paid search and SEO and also establish a successful model of internet marketing for Priorclave Ltd. Our hope was to combine the Priorclave North America and Priorclave Ltd. websites to maximize our reach, but Priorclave North America would have a lot to lose if the combined site wasn’t handled right,” she says.

The solution: working with Climb to drive visibility and sales

When Barbra first met with the Climb team, they laid out a plan for an SEO strategy that would drive sales across all of her key markets. “A year later, Jeremy’s team did what they said they’d do,” says Barbra. “At the end of that first year, we were able to not only show the bump in North American sales, but also to track and demonstrate to the UK team how many of their leads were coming from us.”

Barbra’s colleague Lee Oakley, Sales Director at Priorclave Limited in London, saw those results and wanted to be a part of them. “Five years ago, we had a website that was rubbish, and we wanted a website that was a salesperson,” he explains.

Climb’s SEO team expanded the scope of what they’d done for Priorclave NA:

  • Guided the development of a new multinational website that aligned SEO strategy with global sales priorities
  • Utilized Google Search Console geographic targeting and hreflang tagging to ensure international visitors would see the right version of the site, depending on their location
  • Configured visibility tracking for Priorclave’s ten biggest markets
  • Built new pages and improved page load speed

As Priorclave’s partnership with Climb progressed, Barbra says she was impressed by Climb’s willingness to become experts in the laboratory equipment  industry. “They know as much about autoclaves as I do at this point!” she says. “We feel very heard—there are some nuances in our business, and they really have endeavoured to understand them. We use Climb as a surrogate marketing team, and we rely on them as partners.”

The results: conversion growth and a full sales pipe

Case Study Results Graph
Lee is the first to admit that his team in London was skeptical about investing in internet marketing—and that they’re now huge believers. “Our website is a selling tool! It never used to be. Because of Climb and the work they do behind the scenes, export sales have gone up and revenue has gone up,” he says. “Since Climb’s been on board, we’re smashing our sales targets.”

All of those numbers are a big deal to both Lee and Barbra, but it’s that growth in leads and conversions that they were most excited to see.

“Climb isn’t just measuring the leads that come in. They’re measuring the conversions, and we, as the client, get to choose what a conversion is,” explains Barbra. “And now we have people who not only found us via the web, they visited our site and said, ‘That’s exactly what I want; send me a quote.’ That’s the richest kind of conversion you can get from an internet marketing perspective.”

Those leads and conversions have completely changed the way that the UK office sells their product, per Lee: “It’s a tough market to track, and with Climb, we’ve cracked it. The quality is amazing; we can’t thank them enough for what they do for us. I know we’re paying them to do it, but they’ve far exceeded our expectations.”

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“I’ve worked with Jeremy and the Climb Marketing team for over eight years, and can say, without a doubt, that their SEO services are the best around. Their optimization (and eventual redesign) of our website has helped us capture a commanding presence in search engines, fueling our North American growth. And on top of that, they’re a true pleasure to work with – what more could you want in a partner?”

Barbra Wells - CEO, Priorclave North America