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Climb Marketing’s Four-Step Proven Process

Climb Marketing has a four-step proven process for finding opportunities in a niche and putting them to good use. This is how Climb founder Jeremy Lopatin built his first business (a speciality online retail operation), and how the Climb team has helped a variety of businesses grow, flourish, and reach new heights.

Research and Discovery

Research and Discovery

1. Research & Discovery

We start by taking the lay of the land, relying both on our hard-won experience exploring opportunities, and the latest industry-leading research tools. We uncover the opportunities in your sector, and size them up to determine which routes are most promising.



2. Strategy & Planning

We determine the best strategy for approaching these opportunities, and prepare a step-by-step plan that translates that strategy into a usable reality. We can defend every dollar you’ll be asked to spend; every plan always includes a clear framework for how we’ll measure success so that we can do more of what works. Once you approve the plan…



3. Campaign Execution

Our journey begins! We work with you to put the plan into action, efficiently and effectively applying your resources in the interest of getting you to the top.



4. Measurement & Optimization

We obsess about all the ways we can measure our work. What is vital to Climb is that every plan has built-in accountability: We only use real metrics—ones that give us a meaningful, actionable idea of how we are progressing toward your goals.

International SEO Agency

International SEO Agency

Proceed With Caution

Folks new to this territory often want to jump straight to Step #3 and “start running ads and getting clicks!” That’s like seeing the misty mountain top off in the distance and just heading straight for the peak without even bothering to grab a water bottle and some PowerBars—let alone check the weather or establish a route.

You can get to the mountain top this way, but it is enormously costly and risky. Plenty of businesses die trying.

Rugged Trail Ahead

Many folks fall into the trap of obsessing about metrics that are easy to capture and crunch—even though it’s not clear that they map to your goals. This is like counting steps when you are hiking the wrong direction. At Climb, we go out of our way to make sure that we are always (and only) tracking metrics that matter, not metrics that are easy (or just happen to make us look good).

International SEO Agency

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