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Climb Marketing/Our Philosophy

I’m Jeremy Lopatin, Founder of Climb Marketing

At Climb, we work with a purpose above and beyond profit. I’m committed to building an agency that fosters growth not only in our clients, but also among our colleagues, and in our communities.

Demand Generation Agency Philosophy

Growing as a Team

First and foremost, this means providing a work experience where people can grow as professionals. Our team members thrive when they are given the room to do their best work, while being encouraged to forgo ego in favor of reaching a common goal. That goal isn’t a number on a chart or a revenue target; it’s mastery of our own work.

Supporting Our Communities

But we aren’t just committed to our own growth as a team and as individuals. We’re also committed to supporting the communities where we work. Even in this age of seamless global communication, no business floats in the ether: We live and work in real world communities, each with their own unique strengths and challenges. As we thrive, we want to be sure that a portion of that good fortune always flows back into the communities that have sustained us.  Just as our employees have goals beyond the next raise, Climb Marketing maintains charitable giving targets, not just profit goals. We strive to donate at least 20% of our profits to charitable organizations each year.


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Demand Generation Agency Philosophy

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“Climb Marketing took the time to understand our complex business and all of our many business sectors, which has really helped communicate our message and generate great results. We see Climb as an extension of our internal marketing team, with a level of service that has been greatly valued across our entire corporation.”

Jeremy Spohn - Manager, Marketing Production Department, FAAC

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Jeremy went from e-commerce entrepreneur to leading a successful digital marketing agency. Along the way, he’s developed the skills, practices and team to take your business up the mountain.

“I’ve worked with Jeremy and the Climb Marketing team for over eight years, and can say, without a doubt, that their SEO services are the best around. Their optimization (and eventual redesign) of our website has helped us capture a commanding presence in search engines, fueling our North American growth. And on top of that, they’re a true pleasure to work with – what more could you want in a partner?”

Barbra Wells - CEO, Priorclave North America