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Below you can find our free keyword mixer tool – perfect for generating lists of relevant keywords for use in SEO, Google or Bing Ads PPC campaigns, or any other reason you might need to create all the possible permutations/combinations of words or phrases. Our browser based mixer is different than other tools because it can deduplicate the result, convert it to lower case, and even offers a larger selection of match types for PPC campaigns (including modified broad match!). Additional usage instructions can be found below the tool if necessary.

Deduplicate My Output // Convert to Lower Case // Match Type

Use Cases

We generally use a keyword mixer during our keyword research process, both for search engine optimization campaigns as well as PPC campaigns. For example, let’s say we have a client that sells t-shirts and dresses in blue, red, and green colors. In the first column, we’d enter the three colors (separated by new lines), and in the second we’d enter in our product types (t-shirts and dresses). After that, if we press the “mix it” button, the output will include every possible combination. The third column can also be useful for adding additional modifiers to your keyword phrases, like “for sale,” “for rent,” “for free,” etc.

Mixer Options

Our generator comes with multiple formatting and match type options to help ensure each keyword is in a format that works for you. There’s an option to “Deduplicate My Output” that will merge any duplicate keywords into one. This can be helpful especially if you’re paying attention to the total list length (i.e. if you need to watch your SEMRush keyword tracking budget!). There’s also an option to convert the output to lower case. In addition to just helping to keep things tidy, there are also situations where lower case is mandatory – like if you’re using the tool to generate URLs and want to make sure to comply with SEO best practices.

Finally, if you’re using the mixer for PPC campaigns, you can select the match type to use for your keyphrases. This might save you some time having to adjust these in Excel or in the Google Ads platform or Keyword Planner.

Advanced Keyword Mixer Usage

Don’t hesitate to get creative with the mixer – it can be more than just a keyword research tool. We’ve even used it to do things like generate regular expressions (regex) to use in Google Analytics filters. If you come up with an interesting new use for the keyword mixer app, drop us a line and let us know!