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How To Use Our Bulk Metadata Testing Tools

Taylor Caldron | March 10, 2020 | SEO

This article provides an overview of using Climb Marketing’s bulk title tag and meta description pixel width testing tools. You can find the tools on our website using the links below:

Bulk Title Tag Pixel Width Checker

Bulk Meta Description Pixel Width Checker

There are a number of SERP preview tools and metadata length checkers available on the internet, but our SEO team at Climb Marketing has always longed for a tool that could check meta titles and descriptions in bulk.

Some crawling tools like Screaming Frog SEO Spider offer the ability to test the length of existing metadata on a live, indexed website, but what about new website launches, website redesigns, sitemap updates, or major metadata overhauls where the proposed title tags and meta descriptions are not set up on a live website environment? That’s where Climb’s metadata testing tools come in – we’re making it easy to copy a spreadsheet’s worth of meta titles or descriptions and validating that they all adhere to the pixel length limits in search engine listings.

How to Use Our Metadata Testing Tools

Our metadata measuring tools are incredibly easy to use with the copy and paste functions, or you can simply manually enter in title tags or meta descriptions and separate each one with a return space. Once you’ve finalized the list of titles or descriptions you’d like to measure, click the big red button below and voila – you’ll have pixel measurements for each line item.

Results displayed in green indicate the title or description is within the pixel limit on search engine listings. Red shading is used to identify any titles or descriptions that exceed the allotted space. The tools also offer a pixel count for each title or description entered, so you may identify opportunities to expand your text if any metadata snippets are considerably shorter than the pixel width limit.

Examples of Meta Description Pixel Width

Examples of Meta Descriptions Using the Pixel Width Checker

Metadata Pixel Width Limits

Both of our tools’ pixel limits are based on Google’s space allotment for desktop search results as of February, 2020. The meta description tool adheres to a max width of 920 pixels while the meta title tool is limited to 580 pixels. Google tends to experiment with new pixel limits on certain devices and browsers, but we intend on updating the pixel limits if any permanent changes are made in Google’s desktop results.

Measuring by pixels is more accurate than setting a character limit, as different characters vary dramatically in pixel width. Meta titles are typically truncated at around 60 characters, while meta descriptions range between 150-160 characters. The font size of meta titles is noticeably bigger than meta descriptions, which is why the max character count of meta titles is significantly less than descriptions despite the relatively closer limits in pixel count.

Get to Testing!

The best way to understand the space limitations of meta titles and descriptions is to put yours to the test! Head over to our bulk title tag and meta description tools to start checking whether your metadata adheres to the length limits in Google and other search engines.

Have any questions about the tools or suggestions for making them even better? Drop us a line on our website – we’d love to hear your feedback!




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