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With every training program or coaching engagement, our goal remains the same: helping your team develop the skills they need to map a digital marketing strategy and reach your summit. Similar to our SEO training and coaching programs, Climb’s custom digital marketing training is built around your needs, goals, and budget.

Custom Digital Marketing Training and Coaching Programs

We offer both “one-shot” training programs and ongoing coaching engagements. Our marketing training programs are comprehensive and tailor-made–never generic PowerPoint seminars. We develop custom curriculum for every engagement, focused on the unique needs and challenges your team and business face. Trainings are scaled to your organization, both in terms of size–from large group trainings to one-on-one sessions–and the maturity of your digital advertising strategy. They can be on-site or remote, and include an introduction to Google Analytics, a walk through of platform features, and modules on standard reporting and building custom reports. We also discuss ad campaign management, how to think about structuring your campaigns, approaches to pay-per-click advertising, and more.

Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training

Your Digital Coach

Working with a Climb digital marketing coach is like having a personal trainer for your in-house marketing team. We come in (or call in) and work with your team as they take on their specific challenges. At any given session, this might include helping your team with content planning or optimization, complex analytics data, SEO best practices, platform-specific technical issues, conversion optimization, and more. Most importantly, our coaches catch the subtle ways that bad form today might cost you tomorrow.

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