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Digital marketing resources to get you ahead of the curve, and ahead of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly disruptive for 2020 marketing and advertising plans. Many marketers are faced with industry uncertainty, reduced budgets and a forced shift toward digital-first sales strategies.

For marketers feeling unsure about adjusting their strategies and budgeting for digital marketing and advertising during the crisis, Climb Marketing is here to help. We’re offering free resources and discounted consulting services to help B2B marketing teams adapt their digital strategies and make the most of their budgets.

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Get an Expert Second Opinion on Your Approach to COVID-19

We understand the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presents to marketers: the shifting sands, the uncertainty and the tough decisions. Our Digital Second Opinion™ service offers objective, no-strings-attached advice from a seasoned digital marketing professional to help you avoid wasted marketing budgets, missed marketing opportunities and an anemic sales pipeline when we reach the other side of the current crisis.

In response to COVID-19, we’re temporarily offering our Digital Second Opinion™ service for only $297 (usually $495). We’ll help you tackle “big picture” issues of marketing management and budgeting during the crisis or validate individual channel strategies including SEO, digital advertising, content and more.

Here’s what you can count on with a Digital Second Opinion™ from Climb Marketing:

  • Candid, actionable advice from a digital marketing expert
  • Confidentiality agreement (protected under our NDA)
  • Increased confidence in your digital marketing strategy

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Free Webinar: COVID-19 and Digital Advertising Strategy

As COVID-19 forces many businesses to make tough operational decisions, those in digital advertising are also wondering what’s next. Check out our Digital Advertising team’s on-demand webinar where we explore current trends among our B2B clientele and discuss important considerations for digital advertisers moving forward. The recording offers actionable, platform-specific tips for navigating digital advertising in this challenging new environment.

You can view a recording of the webinar along with a text transcription here.

Watch Our Webinar

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Take Advantage of These Free Resources

There are a number of marketing resources that are temporarily free in response to COVID-19, including grants, ad credits, training courses and crisis management tips. We wanted to help our peers navigate through the current challenges by compiling a list of free digital marketing and advertising resources to capitalize on while social distancing is in effect.

Check out our resource list here if you’re interested in:

  • Free digital marketing, SEO, web development and content marketing training courses
  • Digital advertising credits
  • Temporarily free marketing and sales software
  • Guides for managing your digital presence throughout the crisis
  • Articles and tips on digital marketing during COVID-19

Free Marketing Resources

Our Team's Takeaways on Digital Marketing During COVID-19

In addition to the resources above, our team members are sharing their own thoughts on marketing and advertising during the COVID-19 pandemic on our blog and on our podcast, The Crux. We’re discussing issues like where to allocate limited budgets and resources, advertising ethics, shifting away from in-person sales activities and maintaining the attention of target markets despite the current crisis.

You can check out some of our team’s takeaways using the links below:

Podcast: Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

Blog: Challenges Posed by COVID-19 for B2B Marketers

Google Analytics Consultant

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the crew at Climb Marketing for 8 years. During this time, they’ve partnered with me to help launch, develop and expand digital marketing programs for two different companies with very distinct dynamics. The strategic approach of Climb Marketing enables them to synthesize complex business challenges and market opportunities into actionable plans that drive tangible results. Climb Marketing has the depth of skill and experience to make them a solid partner to any organization at any phase in their content or marketing journey.”

Harmony Faust - VP of Marketing & Communications, Gale, a Cengage Company

Face the COVID-19 Crisis with Confidence