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Develop the Right Attitude Toward Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s easy to become obsessed with getting traffic to your website—paid search, SEO, high-quality custom content, these all drive traffic. If you are willing and able to throw enough money at the problem, it’s easy to increase traffic to any landing page you choose. But if none of that traffic is converting—no inquiries, no purchases, no newsletter sign-ups, no engagement, no new clients—then that traffic means nothing.

A Strategy for Conversion

Beyond pretty graphics and SEO and PPC, beyond thought leadership and organic traffic, you need to have a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy. That’s what differentiates dot-coms with 68 million users and zero profits from the many small businesses that use their tidy online footprint to make money and grow quarter after quarter, year after year.

CRO Services Tailored to Your Business

CRO is an attitude, focused on capturing the value of your audience’s attention. This isn’t just How do we get the customer closer to buying? but How can we use different events of different orders of magnitude to give us useful data about the quality of our traffic?

At Climb, we often think of this in terms of both “macro” and “micro” conversions.


Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

Valicor Case Study: Landing Page Testing


  • A lack of landing pages addressing keywords and searches most relevant to potential customers
  • Existing website didn’t contain clear calls to action and suffered from poor conversion performance
  • Paid search advertising efforts suffered from poor quality score and low conversion rates directly related to the state of the website


  • Climb built custom landing pages catered towards specific high priority keywords in the Google Ads account.
  • Tested different page layouts, imagery, and content to arrive at a fully optimized landing page template.



increase in conversion rate


improvement in cost per conversion
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Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

Macro & Micro Conversions

Macro conversions are the sorts of activities that most businesses think of when they think of “conversions”: a customer buying a product, providing full contact info, or scheduling a demo.  These are fantastic—they either generate revenue or are only a step or two away from doing so. But they are just a sliver of activity near the tail-end of your sales funnel. This means that when undertaking conversion optimization and measuring conversion rate, we don’t just look at sales numbers. Instead, our agency takes full advantage of modern analytics capabilities by investigating micro conversions as well.

Micro conversions are smaller moments of engagement, and often come much earlier in the sales journey. These might be a simple email sign-up, or interacting with a widget on your site, or sharing one of your blog posts. In contrast to macro conversions, identifying and tracking micro conversions gives us a much more fine-grained view of how a prospective customer is moving through the sales journey, and how ready visitors are to commit or engage more deeply at each step. Micro conversions often serve as early detectors, flagging the high-friction points in your sales process, and giving you hints as to where folks are getting lost.

Once we have the ideal analytics configuration in place to effectively track these two types of conversions, we can gather the data needed for improving user experience and testing the effect of different optimization strategies on conversion numbers. In this way, we can ensure that your site successfully engages website visitors and can increase revenue.

Ready to find out what conversion rate optimization looks like for your business? Contact us now to explore your opportunities.


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