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The Crux Episode 23: Copywriting Tips for B2B Websites

In episode 23 of The Crux, Taylor and David discuss some of the major copywriting challenges for B2B websites, and offer tips for addressing your target audience's questions, problems, and pain points with website copy.
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The Crux Episode 22: Creating Impactful B2B Email Marketing Campaigns (with Emily McGuire of Flourish & Grit)

In episode 22 of The Crux, Emily McGuire, Founder and Chief Email Marketer of Flourish + Grit, joins the show to share B2B email marketing tips. The discussion covers effective content types for B2B email campaigns, how to approach email marketing for niche or highly technical industries, how to address long sales cycles with email, and tactics to avoid in B2B campaigns.
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The Crux Episode 21: Ensuring Your Google Ads Placements Match Your Company’s Values

In this episode of The Crux, David, Riley, and Jeremy discuss how to manage ad placements for the Google Display Network, and outline ways to ensure your advertisements won’t be displayed on web properties you wouldn’t want your company to be affiliated with.
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The Crux Episode 20: Future-Proofing Your Website for Search Algorithm Updates

In episode 20 of The Crux, David and Taylor discuss ways to future-proof your website and mitigate the risk of losing organic traffic and search engine visibility due to algorithm updates.
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The Crux Episode 19: Adding a Human Element to Your Marketing Campaigns

In episode 19 of The Crux, David and Robbie discuss the importance of personalizing digital marketing campaigns with Nate Langley, Chief Marketing Officer of Applied Fitness Solutions. Nate shares his experience with taking a human-first approach to marketing and tips on how to execute successful personalized campaigns.
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The Crux Episode 18: Fractional Staffing for Digital Marketing Roles

In episode 18 of The Crux, David and Jeremy discuss fractional staffing for digital marketing specialist roles and the advantages of hiring fractional employees.
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The Crux Episode 17: Website Design Strategy with Ross Johnson of 3.7 Designs

In episode 17 of The Crux, we host our first guest - Ross Johnson of 3.7 Designs. David and Ross discuss website design strategy and how to build websites that meet business objectives and marketing needs.
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The Crux Episode 16: What is “SEO-Friendly” Website Design?

If you’ve ever worked on a new website project, you’ve probably come across web development agencies that claim to have "SEO built in" to their websites or that they offer "SEO-friendly" websites. But what do these claims actually mean? Taylor and David discuss in episode 16 of The Crux podcast.
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The Crux Episode 15: Google Ads is Updating Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match Keywords

In episode 15 of The Crux, Riley Duncan, Robbie Bolog, and David Oltean discuss the recently announced Google Ads update that is phasing out Broad Match Modifier (BMM) keywords and altering Phrase Match features.
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The Crux Episode 14: Want to Start a Podcast? Here’s What We Learned in Our First Year

In episode 14 of The Crux, David Oltean and Jeremy Lopatin discuss the mistakes and successes they've had over the first year of recording a podcast. The discussion outlines the importance of defining a purpose, target audience, and format for podcasts, and includes advice for new podcasters on set up, recording remotely, and mixing and mastering.
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