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The Crux Podcast Episode 2: Where to Start with SEO Research and Discovery

In The Crux's second episode, Taylor Caldron and David Oltean of Climb Marketing's SEO team discuss their initial approaches and thought processes when diagnosing the state of Search Engine Optimization on a website.
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3 Ways to Use Google’s Advanced Search Operators for SEO Strategy

Not all SEO analysis requires expensive tools and software platforms – some of the most helpful internal and competitive research can be done simply by using Google’s search bar. Google’s advanced search operators are command phrases that can be used within a Google search to refine and filter results. Whether you’re looking to limit search […]
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Understanding Google’s Search Operators

As a digital marketer or SEO, it’s incredibly helpful to understand how to use search operators: Google’s built-in commands for modifying or refining search queries.  What Are Search Operators? Search operators are symbol characters or command phrases created by Google to modify the intent or results of a Google search. Some search operators refine results […]
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Image File Size Analysis for SEO on Websites that Automatically Scale Images

Many websites have begun improving user experience and page load speed by dynamically serving different image resolutions dependent on the size of the user’s browser. This means that a user on a large-screen desktop computer may be served an image of one size (i.e. a 800×400 pixel banner), while a mobile user will be served […]
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