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Should You Outsource SEO?

As an SEO agency, we're a bit biased, but we firmly believe in the value of outsourcing Search Engine Optimization, especially for B2B companies or industries that lean heavily on organic traffic. We're listing some reasons for outsourcing SEO along with some considerations to make sure you're getting the most out of an engagement with an SEO agency or consultant.
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The Crux Episode 12: Preparing for Core Web Vitals

In episode 12 of The Crux, Climb Marketing's SEO team discusses Google's Core Web Vitals metrics, and offers tips for preparing websites for the Core Web Vitals rollout in May of 2021.
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The Guide to the Core Web Vitals Update

Earlier this year, Google announced three additional Page Experience metrics that will become important search ranking factors in early 2021. In this blog, we're reviewing the new metrics and sharing some tips for improving your scores.
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SEO Strategy for Manufacturers and Industrial Brands: Components and Challenges

Search engines are often the leading source of website traffic for B2B manufacturing and industrial companies, and a sound SEO strategy can offer lasting visibility, traffic and leads for your brand. In this blog, we're sharing an overview of SEO strategy for industrial and manufacturing brands.
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The Crux Episode 7: SEO Pet Peeves

In episode 8 of The Crux podcast, Taylor Caldron and David Oltean discuss their biggest SEO pet peeves, including website design shortcomings, shady sales practices, link-buying schemes, and annoying lingo.
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COVID-19 Digital Marketing and Advertising Resources

We’ve assembled a list of digital marketing and advertising resources to help you navigate through the Coronavirus crisis, including grants, ad credits, free training courses and tips to ensure your digital presence reflects any limitations or closures as a result of the virus.
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The Crux Episode 5: 2020 SEO Algorithm Updates, Featured Snippet Changes & Trends

In episode 5 of The Crux, Taylor Caldron and David Oltean of Climb's SEO team discuss Google's recent search algorithm updates, changes to featured snippets and SEO trends to expect in 2020.
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Exploring Search Engine Optimization? Start with These Three Questions

There are three questions I always ask at the start of an SEO engagement, and despite the fact that technical SEO is my strong suit, none of the three questions are technical at all! Instead, they reflect SEO problems that might be hiding in plain sight. They’re just so obvious that most marketers don’t even […]
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How To Use Our Bulk Metadata Testing Tools

SEO team at Climb Marketing has always longed for a tool that could check meta titles and descriptions in bulk, so we built one. Check out this article for a demo on our pixel width tools.
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Four Key SEO and PPC Synergies

PPC and SEO strategies can interlock, support, and amplify each other in several key ways. Wisely investing in a little of each is much better than dumping a ton of money into one or the other. Click to read about the four main synergies between PPC advertising and SEO.
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