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Free Webinar: How to Structure Your Digital Marketing Team

We’re offering a free webinar on December 15th at 1 p.m., where we'll share tips on structuring and staffing your digital marketing team. Click here to register.
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How to Structure Your Digital Marketing Team

While there's no perfect digital marketing team structure, there are essential functions all teams should cover. Check out our blog for tips on structuring your marketing team.
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The Crux Episode 11: Planning Your Digital Marketing Budget for 2021

In episode 11 of The Crux, Jeremy Lopatin, Robbie Bolog, and David Oltean discuss how to determine and allocate your digital marketing budget for 2021 and some of the budgeting challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Which Digital Marketing Services Should You Outsource?

All marketing teams are faced with limited time and resources, so it's often a necessity to outsource digital marketing services so in-house marketers can focus on core competencies. The tricky part is deciding which digital marketing functions should be contracted out.
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The Crux Episode 8: Staffing Your In-House Digital Marketing Team

In episode 9 of The Crux, David Oltean and Jeremy Lopatin discuss which digital marketing practices should be outsourced vs. kept in-house.
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SparkToro Review: Simplifying Audience Intelligence & Diversifying Marketing Investment

The former CEO of Moz, Rand Fishkin, is back at it again with a new digital marketing analysis platform: SparkToro. The Climb Marketing team had an opportunity to dive into an early-access version of SparkToro and put the audience intelligence platform to the test.
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Considerations for B2B Marketers During the COVID-19 Crisis

There are a number of challenges for marketers to fret over while stay-at-home orders are in effect, including budget cuts, operational shutdowns, sales uncertainty and advertising ethics. We’ve detailed some of the most important considerations for B2B digital marketers as they grapple with the new norms of social distancing policies and consumer behavior during the Coronavirus crisis.
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The Crux Episode 6: Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

In The Crux's 6th episode, Jeremy Lopatin and Robbie Bolog discuss the challenges for B2B digital marketers during the COVID-19 pandemic, including budget cuts, advertising ethics during a crisis, the shift away from in-person sales activities and where to allocate spend and resources.
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COVID-19 Digital Marketing and Advertising Resources

We’ve assembled a list of digital marketing and advertising resources to help you navigate through the Coronavirus crisis, including grants, ad credits, free training courses and tips to ensure your digital presence reflects any limitations or closures as a result of the virus.
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Want a Website that Performs? Turn on the Lights!

Most organizations approach digital marketing like a prospector exploring a cave with nothing but a candle. It's an incremental, piecemeal approach that seems responsible and safe. While an incremental approach to building a website can seem cheaper, it's usually extremely expensive and inefficient in the long term.
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