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The Crux Episode 21: Ensuring Your Google Ads Placements Match Your Company’s Values

In this episode of The Crux, David, Riley, and Jeremy discuss how to manage ad placements for the Google Display Network, and outline ways to ensure your advertisements won’t be displayed on web properties you wouldn’t want your company to be affiliated with.
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3 Reasons You Should Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads

For many, ad campaigns are the primary driver of new prospects and potential leads. However, a variety of problems often plague digital advertising campaigns. We cover three common issues faced by advertisers and how LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads address them.
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Is Your Ad Campaign Funding Hate and Misinformation?

Is your ad campaign funding hate and misinformation? If you’re not careful, it might be. Many companies view Google Ads placement exclusion lists as a way to make sure they’re only paying for clicks from potentially qualified customers by excluding irrelevant websites from their Display Network advertising campaign. And while that’s important, exclusion lists are […]
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The Crux Episode 15: Google Ads is Updating Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match Keywords

In episode 15 of The Crux, Riley Duncan, Robbie Bolog, and David Oltean discuss the recently announced Google Ads update that is phasing out Broad Match Modifier (BMM) keywords and altering Phrase Match features.
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How to Apply Agile to Your Marketing Team

Agile is a project management style made popular by software development teams, but it has been adopted by other departments because of the benefits to clients and workers alike. Learn how to apply the Agile to your marketing team.
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The Crux Episode 10: Diagnosing Paid Search Accounts and Common Mistakes

In episode 10 of The Crux podcast, our digital advertising team discusses where to start with diagnosing a paid search account and some of the most common mistakes they find in Google Ads campaigns.
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On-Demand Webinar – COVID-19 and Digital Advertising: How to Think and Act Now

Climb Marketing's digital advertising team held a webinar on Thursday, May 7th titled "COVID-19 and Digital Advertising: How to Think and Act Now." We've added an on-demand video of the webinar and a text transcription to our blog.
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SparkToro Review: Simplifying Audience Intelligence & Diversifying Marketing Investment

The former CEO of Moz, Rand Fishkin, is back at it again with a new digital marketing analysis platform: SparkToro. The Climb Marketing team had an opportunity to dive into an early-access version of SparkToro and put the audience intelligence platform to the test.
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The Crux Episode 6: Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

In The Crux's 6th episode, Jeremy Lopatin and Robbie Bolog discuss the challenges for B2B digital marketers during the COVID-19 pandemic, including budget cuts, advertising ethics during a crisis, the shift away from in-person sales activities and where to allocate spend and resources.
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COVID-19 Digital Marketing and Advertising Resources

We’ve assembled a list of digital marketing and advertising resources to help you navigate through the Coronavirus crisis, including grants, ad credits, free training courses and tips to ensure your digital presence reflects any limitations or closures as a result of the virus.
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