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Programming Languages for Digital Marketing Teams

Coding skills are no longer the domain of just developers. They bestow a huge advantage on almost anyone, regardless of job title. If you're in charge of either hiring or professional development for a marketing team, it's essential to have some basic understanding of what coding skills will make an impact on your team, and who needs them most.
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The Crux Episode 15: Google Ads is Updating Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match Keywords

In episode 15 of The Crux, Riley Duncan, Robbie Bolog, and David Oltean discuss the recently announced Google Ads update that is phasing out Broad Match Modifier (BMM) keywords and altering Phrase Match features.
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The Crux Episode 14: Want to Start a Podcast? Here’s What We Learned in Our First Year

In episode 14 of The Crux, David Oltean and Jeremy Lopatin discuss the mistakes and successes they've had over the first year of recording a podcast. The discussion outlines the importance of defining a purpose, target audience, and format for podcasts, and includes advice for new podcasters on set up, recording remotely, and mixing and mastering.
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Our Team’s Nonprofit Picks for Our 2nd Annual Charitable Giving Program

The Climb Marketing team is excited to have donated $12,000 to 16 nonprofit organizations through our second annual Charitable Giving Program. We’ve listed each member’s charity picks below and wrote why we’re passionate about contributing to these great organizations and supporting their causes.
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Climb Marketing Donates $12,000 in Second Annual Charitable Giving Program

In the second year of Climb Marketing’s annual profit-sharing program, our agency contributed $12,000 to 16 different nonprofit organizations.
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Should You Outsource SEO?

As an SEO agency, we're a bit biased, but we firmly believe in the value of outsourcing Search Engine Optimization, especially for B2B companies or industries that lean heavily on organic traffic. We're listing some reasons for outsourcing SEO along with some considerations to make sure you're getting the most out of an engagement with an SEO agency or consultant.
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The Crux Episode 13: Predicting Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

In episode 13 of The Crux, the Climb Marketing team reviews the major digital marketing news and trends in 2020, and predicts upcoming priorities and changes in 2021.
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What is Audio Marketing & How to Create an Audio Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Audio marketing has a simple definition. It refers to marketing initiatives where the output is audio content, as opposed to written or visual content. What's the best way to create audio content based on your budget & business?
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How to Apply Agile to Your Marketing Team

Agile is a project management style made popular by software development teams, but it has been adopted by other departments because of the benefits to clients and workers alike. Learn how to apply the Agile to your marketing team.
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The Crux Episode 12: Preparing for Core Web Vitals

In episode 12 of The Crux, Climb Marketing's SEO team discusses Google's Core Web Vitals metrics, and offers tips for preparing websites for the Core Web Vitals rollout in May of 2021.
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