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The Crux Episode 20: Future-Proofing Your Website for Search Algorithm Updates

In episode 20 of The Crux, David and Taylor discuss ways to future-proof your website and mitigate the risk of losing organic traffic and search engine visibility due to algorithm updates.
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Is Your Ad Campaign Funding Hate and Misinformation?

Is your ad campaign funding hate and misinformation? If you’re not careful, it might be. Many companies view Google Ads placement exclusion lists as a way to make sure they’re only paying for clicks from potentially qualified customers by excluding irrelevant websites from their Display Network advertising campaign. And while that’s important, exclusion lists are […]
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The Crux Episode 19: Adding a Human Element to Your Marketing Campaigns

In episode 19 of The Crux, David and Robbie discuss the importance of personalizing digital marketing campaigns with Nate Langley, Chief Marketing Officer of Applied Fitness Solutions. Nate shares his experience with taking a human-first approach to marketing and tips on how to execute successful personalized campaigns.
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Fractional Staffing for Digital Marketing Roles

Fractional staffing can be a cost-effective way for growing or transitioning businesses to gain the expertise of seasoned marketing executives or specialists without having to pay a full annual salary. If you're wondering how fractional staffing arrangements work, what marketing roles work best as fractional employees, and what companies are best suited for fractional hires, we're breaking it down on our blog.
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The Crux Episode 18: Fractional Staffing for Digital Marketing Roles

In episode 18 of The Crux, David and Jeremy discuss fractional staffing for digital marketing specialist roles and the advantages of hiring fractional employees.
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The Crux Episode 17: Website Design Strategy with Ross Johnson of 3.7 Designs

In episode 17 of The Crux, we host our first guest - Ross Johnson of 3.7 Designs. David and Ross discuss website design strategy and how to build websites that meet business objectives and marketing needs.
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7 Best Practices for Digital Agency Reporting

Client reporting is an opportunity to demonstrate success and trust. We cover 7 best practices when developing a report to build your client-agency relationship.
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What is SEO-Friendly Website Design?

Phrases like “SEO-friendly web design” are a bit ambiguous, and developers’ attention to detail with SEO can vary dramatically. We’re sharing a list of “SEO-friendly” website considerations below so marketers can better understand what to expect from these types of claims.
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The Crux Episode 16: What is “SEO-Friendly” Website Design?

If you’ve ever worked on a new website project, you’ve probably come across web development agencies that claim to have "SEO built in" to their websites or that they offer "SEO-friendly" websites. But what do these claims actually mean? Taylor and David discuss in episode 16 of The Crux podcast.
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Programming Languages for Digital Marketing Teams

Coding skills are no longer the domain of just developers. They bestow a huge advantage on almost anyone, regardless of job title. If you're in charge of either hiring or professional development for a marketing team, it's essential to have some basic understanding of what coding skills will make an impact on your team, and who needs them most.
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