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Four Key SEO and PPC Synergies

PPC and SEO strategies can interlock, support, and amplify each other in several key ways. Wisely investing in a little of each is much better than dumping a ton of money into one or the other. Click to read about the four main synergies between PPC advertising and SEO.
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The Crux Podcast Episode 4: How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

In the Crux's fourth episode, Robbie Bolog and Jeremy Lopatin discuss reasons to consider hiring a digital marketing agency and how to determine if a prospective agency is the right partner for your company.
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PPC vs. SEO: Which is More Important?

Which is better for your business - PPC or SEO? Click to read about the ideal relationship between SEO and PPC and the advantages of both channels.
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Climb Marketing Donates $4,000 in Inaugural Charitable Giving Program

Climb Marketing launched its first annual charitable profit-sharing program with $4,000 in donations to eight different non-profit organizations. Climb’s Charitable Giving Program is part of the digital marketing agency’s pledge to give back to the communities where employees work.
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Our Team’s Choices for our First Annual Charitable Giving Program

Through our first annual Charitable Giving Program, each team member at Climb was granted a portion of the agency’s 2019 profits to give to a 501(c)3 non-profit charity (or charities) of their choice. We're sharing each of our nominations below and why we’re passionate about supporting their causes.
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The Advantages of Paid Search Advertising for B2B Companies

There are a number of advantages that make pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on paid search platforms a great fit for many B2B (business-to-business) companies.
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The Crux Podcast Episode 3: Organizing Paid Search Accounts

In The Crux's third episode, Climb's Digital Advertising team shares their approach to structuring Paid Search accounts for streamlined management and positive results.
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Gain Deep Insights from Advanced Call Tracking Features

By using call recording features within modern call tracking platforms, even the most modest operation can get an unprecedented view into who their customers are, what they need--and how well your team is meeting those needs.
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Call Tracking: Shining Light into the Blindspot Plaguing B2B Digital Marketing

If you don’t have a way to accurately attribute phone calls back to their original source, you can’t really figure out which of your marketing efforts is earning its keep. In this article, we're exploring the benefits of call tracking for B2B companies.
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Google Analytics Best Practices: Using Multiple Views

Within every Google Analytics property, you’re afforded up to 25 unique views, yet the vast majority of Analytics configurations seem to only have a single view set up for reporting. We're sharing our must-have views for preserving data integrity and providing simplicity with analyzing data.
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