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Below you can find our free PPC ad editor. This tool is intended to help digital marketers write better ad copy, and do it more quickly! It can convert text to title case (usually a best practice for PPC ads), implement dynamic keyword insertion, deduplicate, and more. Full documentation of all of the ad copy tool’s functions is included below the tool for your reference.


Dynamic Keyword Insertion


Find and Replace

Find: Replace with:

Prepend & Append

Dealing with Whitespace

Remove Characters

the first characters from the beginning of each line

the last characters from the end of each line

PPC Ad Editor Documentation & Walkthrough

The number of options the editor provides can seem overwhelming at first, so here’s a bit of information about its functionality:

Title Case & Capitalization

Most ad copy that we write ends up being in Title Case. But if we’re using language provided to us by the client, like the company’s tagline or product description, it can be time consuming to do that conversion by hand.

  • To title case: Converts Your Text to Title Case, Which Looks Like This! It Can Handle Multiple Sentences, Hyphenated-Words, and Lots of Other Style Rules That Other Tools Lack.
  • To lower case: converts your text to lower case, which looks like this. pretty simple!

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic Keyword Insertion is a relatively new Google Ads feature that allows you to write ad text that is dynamically updated to include one of your keywords that matches the language used by the searcher. You can read more about it here. Part of why we chose to add this feature to the editor is that if you try to do this in Excel, you might run into some problems where Excel tries to interpret it as a formula or math, and will give error messages. Our tool is custom-built for it, so there won’t be those issues with our editor.


This quickly deduplicates your input (by line). Optimized to handle even huge amounts of data, so go wild! It’s likely faster than Excel on most computers.

Find & Replace

This will replace every instance of the first box with whatever is in the second box. It can be done in a case-sensitive way, which pays attention to the capitalization of the input, or an insensitive way, which does not.

Prepend and Append

These two functions allow you to prepend (place before) or append (place after) any bit of text to each line that you’ve entered into the editor. Good for adding calls-to-action.

Dealing with Whitespace

  • Zap leading/trailing white space: This will remove things like spaces, tabs/indentation, etc from the beginning or end of each line. Removes one character per time you press the button.
  • Zap double spacing: If for some reason your input is double spaced, you can click this to remove that. If it’s triple spaced or more, hit the button multiple times!

Remove Characters

These two functions allow you to remove a specified number of characters from the beginning or end of every line. So if you need to get rid of some useless text in your input, this is an easy way to do it!