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About Climb Marketing

Our Founder, Jeremy Lopatin, didn’t start out in marketing. He started out selling tea on the Internet with his wife. This was a moderately curious business venture for a young couple living in Michigan (where tea does not grow) in 2004—a year when only about 40% of Americans had ever bought anything online.

Growing the Digital Business

In order to make that business work, they had to figure out an entirely new world: digital marketing. They had very little money to work with, and this new country had no map. Every dollar had to count, moving them forward into this New World (in fact, that business was originally named “New World Tea.”).

Today Arbor Teas is a success, precisely because Jeremy and his team have traversed the entire evolution of digital marketing, from its humble beginnings of keyword-stuffed meta tags to today’s complex ecosystem of algorithms, ad networks, analytics, conversion strategy, and web content.

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Don't Waste Your Breath

There are a lot of career marketers out there–people who went to business school, got internships, worked their way up the ladder, and have built hugely successful campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

Jeremy couldn’t afford them–he couldn’t even afford to think like them. Career marketers thrive on big hits, and can weather big flops. Jeremy, his wife, and their little virtual tea shop could not. Every dollar they spent on their business was a dollar that didn’t go to groceries, utilities, or the mortgage. Their advertising spends had to show a meaningful return, and in short order. And they couldn’t just spend their way to the top. Learning how to build and execute a solid search-engine optimization plan–one that kept paying dividends without constant need of maintenance and money–was vital to their success.

Out of necessity, Jeremy learned how to make each ad campaign and piece of content effective–just like, as a young rock climber and mountaineer, he learned to make the most of every movement, and squeeze every ounce of value from every pound of gear that went into his pack.

The End of One Journey is the Beginning of the Next

Climb Marketing is the culmination of Jeremy’s entrepreneurial, freelance, and agency marketing experience. Along this journey he’s developed a set of skills and cultivated a team that he can draw together to take people up the mountain.

If you want to reach the summit, why not climb with us?

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the crew at Climb Marketing for 8 years. During this time, they’ve partnered with me to help launch, develop and expand digital marketing programs for two different companies with very distinct dynamics. The strategic approach of Climb Marketing enables them to synthesize complex business challenges and market opportunities into actionable plans that drive tangible results. Climb Marketing has the depth of skill and experience to make them a solid partner to any organization at any phase in their content or marketing journey.”

Harmony Faust - VP of Marketing & Communications, Gale, a Cengage Company

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Jeremy went from e-commerce entrepreneur to leading a successful digital marketing agency. Along the way, he’s developed the skills, practices and team to take your business up the mountain.

“In a field like digital marketing that’s always evolving, I have every faith we’re in good hands working with the Climb Marketing team. Everyone is earnestly working on growing our business, always on the lookout for new opportunities to optimize and/or broaden our reach. I also appreciate their candor–there’s never a question you’re getting the straight story. You can trust this team to take care of you and do great work!”

Catherine Juon - Former Director of Marketing, Traction Tools