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We know how hard it is to navigate the complexities of today’s digital marketing landscape – we’ve been there, too. We’re motivated by our desire to help businesses like yours grow and prosper. While there’s no “one size fits all” path to digital marketing success, we’ve helped enough companies reach the top to know where to look. We’re confident that we can craft a winning program for you.

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Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Climb Marketing delivers custom solutions to your unique digital marketing challenges, guided by vigorous accountability to your company’s goals. This winning combination has earned Climb Marketing a 94% client retention rate, and a growing list of satisfied clients!

What You Can Expect with Climb Marketing


  • A digital marketing program with clarity, focus, and traction;
  • An extended team of digital marketing experts to guide and support you;
  • A partner that holds you accountable to the things that matter most;
  • Expert execution and measurement of your marketing campaigns;
  • Sustainable growth in qualified traffic and leads;
  • A cause-and-effect understanding of your marketing activities, and,
  • Overall confidence in where your business is headed.

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The digital marketing landscape is only getting more complex and more competitive. Fortunately, getting started with Climb Marketing is easy:

  1. Request a Consultation. We’ll assess your needs and invest the time necessary to develop a proposal that’s right for you.
  2. Customize Your Program. We’re transparent in how we configure our engagements, and will work with you to craft a tailor-made approach.
  3. Prepare for Launch. Once the details are hashed out, we’ll get your program up-and-running quickly.

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